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I Removed the other scenes and cut the music

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corrected video    on youtube



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Technology has changed the way things ran in Fashion and textile industry. With the use of Technology it is now easier for designs to be completed ontime and it also means that more products are being made compared to handmade designs which take longer to finish.
CAD is used for patternmake and design. it refers to the design process and manufacturing which is defined as being advanced. since 1985 computer clothing design software packages have made tremendous advancements.
Health and Safety
The use of machines in the industry means a lot of safety issues because any injury can occur while using the machines and so it is advised to switch off all machinery after use with care. People with asthma are at risks of geting attacks because of the dust in the fabrics they should also be carefull in how they handle fabrics and also some machines make a lot of noise this could lead the person into being deaf.

Business and Financial Support
Any business and financial support for a designer who is trying to run there own business can be taken to the government and there they can either take out a loan or a loan guarantee. The fashion, textiles and jewellery industry is a highly competitive, fast-paced environment. Staying up to date with the latest developments in technology, business practice and creative thinking can make all the difference between a company surviving and thriving.
Research websites

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video film FINAL VIDEO

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Evaluation graded unit

After reading the brief I took into consideration the aspects that were required to be in the finished product/ artefact ,that will explore a range of human movement and expresssion.

The final product has answered the given brief because it has a lot of human movement and facial expressions. The project title was”Move 2 Dance” the reason for chosing this is because dance has a lot of movement involving the body, not only does it just involve the body it is also important to look at expressions. The project shows movement into one image. The first idea for the project developed was a street dancing type called “Krump” I chose this type of dance because it is a type of dance among the youth who see it as a way to release anger, aggression and frustration positively, in a non-violent way.
Aims and objectives for the project
Technically the aims and objectives of the project was to create a piece of digital work and I was hoping to create a good quality photomontage which would clearly show the different body parts when krumping and how the body moves, energy and exaggeration. The project has met the the aims and objectives because I followed my plan step by step in order to achieve this.
Strength and weakness

  • using Photoshop, color correcting and using layers, tools
  • Time keeping, having to creative a piece of work with a time constraint
  • Planning and development


  • Deciding on how the final image will look like

What I have learnt from completing the project

  • Experience on human movement and looking at examples of depictions of the human form in ancient classical art, Renaissance Art, Classical European Art, Impressionism/post impressionism, Modern movement and Contemporary Art. knowing the techniques and concepts behind collage, photomontage, constructivism, ready made dadaism, pop art arte pvers and conceptual arts
  • The challenge on working with time and more experience of working with the computer to create a digital artifact.
  • More experience of working with Photoshop
What I would have done Differently 
For the project I think nothing would be done differently because the way the project was planned was successful. The Final image worked well as a final outcome of the development and planning.
What Ideas and methodologies will I take to the next project
For the next project I Would like to work in a team just to build up my confidence and have experience of working a team. My ideas for the next project would be to create something interesting as a team for example it could be a film, image or animation.  So working as a team would be my idea for the next project.
How I integrate research into the development of my projecting 
I did some research on Edgar Degas his work involves moment and he is identified with the subject of dance. I looked at the composition of his work individually and took into consideration how important composition would be when developing. Although he is does not use the computer as a way of working I looked at the techniques he used such as using pastels and charcoal to create layers. He mixed pastels heavily with liquid fixative and when he use charcoal and then adds layers of pastels to cover parts of the charcoal. Layering was important in the development process and find the right background and looking at the work of Edgar Degas this helped me to achieve what I wanted.
Meeting Target dates and deadlines
The timing of the project went well just as it was outlined in the project planning. I had enough time for the research and planning and developing. I did everything on time I.e taking the images and having to choose which images will be in the final Product. There was plenty of time to go over my mistakes and do some finishing touches.
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Film Evaluation

The project required me to create a a visual sequence which will consider the continuity of storytelling. I was required to create a logical flow which the auidience would follow i.e explore rhythm and pace, stillness, motion,awkward and elegant.

In response to the brief I was required to create a Film using non linear editing of atleast two minutes exploring the theme of body and movement. After reading the brief I took into consideration what was required to be in the film including the use of a camera i.e width, height and depth on screen and off screen space.

The next step was for me to think of a plan and what I was going to film. I did some research on emotions and facial expression, this lead me to my idea of what I was hoping to achieve.I then chose an opening scene “I give you Flowers”. In this scene I chose a female character as the main character becasue females like flowers. The main character was played by my Cousin. In the first scene we see her being given the flowers and accepting them with a surprise and her face brightens with happiness and then the flowers are taken off her and her mood changes to being sad. The scene includes a soundtrack of classical genre by Mozart “Requiem”. For the second scene the flowers are thrown at her and with anger she picks them up and throws them back and after throwing them back she has a grin on her face. For the second scene I put four frames into one to make it look interesting when she is throwing the flowers back in revenge.
I had to think about what was going to happen next I chose dance. The reason for chosing this particular activity is because it is a way of escaping the previous life and she dances to release anger, aggression and frustration. I made another shot list of the Dance scene. For this I had to use two dancers. female and male.. I added the male dancer at the end because I just want the audience to see how interesting dance is and how it helps people be themselves when dancing.

  • Finding the right location i.e open space
  • Music and sound
  • Weather conditions( sunny and bright)
  • Lighting making sure I got good lighting,only for scenes shot outside (Natural light)

Filming methods
First scene

  • Medium close up/ head and shoulder
  • Medium shots

Camera Angles

  • Eye view
  • high angle

Dance scene

  • Extra long shot
  • Long shot
  • medium long shot
  • medium shot/ head and shoulder

Camera Angles

  • low angle
  • High angle
  • eye level
Feedback on Delivery of the Film
What I have learnt about the process and Techniques
I have learnt a lot from this project from the beginning to the end. I have learnt to plan and use storyboards as a way of seeing how the final outcome will look like. I have also learnt how to create a shooting schedule i.e making shot lists and knowing what I need when it comes to Equipment and stock, Logistics, props and Timescale. Time keeping was the most important for me. delivering the tasks on time and knowledge of what to do next. I am more confident when using the camera and knowing its controls and functions and knowing the angles, shots and movement.
What I would do differently in the future
Next time when completing this project I hope to go out in open areas like bus stations, city center and parks rather than being indoors. I also hope to explore other camera angles and shots.
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Stan Brakhage Film maker Essay

STAN BRAKHAGE                                   REPORT BY MIYANDA CHOBE

James Stanley Brakage was a an important filmaker of the 20th century. His work is known to having some small impact on mainstream cinema. Stan was Born in Kansas City, Missouri..Known as Robert Sanders and his name changed to Stan Brakage three weeks after he was born by Ludwig and Clara Brakage who adopted him and took him as his son. His films had lots of experiments and were personal and they were non-narrative.

He worked on different types of work and exploring different formats and techniques with handheld camerawork. His Technique was intresting as he would paint directly onto celluloid, fast cutting, in camera editing and stratching on film and the use of multiple exposures. He has worked and explored the following themes of Birth by filming his own wife giving birth, mortality, sexuality and innocence.

His life as a Film Maker
Stan attended the San Francisco School of Art which is now called California School of Arts when he moved to San Francisco. He didnt finish his education because he later moved to New york city in 1954 where he met artists like Maya Deren, Jonas Mekas and Willard Maas , Marie Menken and Joseph Cornell. Together he worked with Joseph Cornell and John Cage with making two films and using music and sound for his first colour movie “In Between”.

His early films were exhibited in the 1950s and in the early 1960s he was recognized in exhibitions and film publications and film culture. All this lead him to seven of his films being awarded in cluding The Dead in 1962. Jonas Mekas said Brakhage “”an intelligence and subtlety that is usually the province of the older arts.”  1961 to 1962 and from 1964 to 1969 he worked on a series of 5films “Dog Star man cycle” and he also worked on a film called the songs which included one of his most acclaimed films 23rd psalm Branch.

Brakhage has influenced a lot of video artists who have worked with him or learned about him and thos people who have gone to the cinema and have watched his films. The following filmmakers were influenced by Brakhage. Eric Darnell the director of Ants. Matt Stone and Trey Parker the creaters of south park. Raymond Salvatore a contemporary film and video artist his work is compared to the work of Brakhage.

He met such poets as Kenneth Rexroth, Kenneth Patchen, Michael McClure, Robert Duncan, Robert Creeley and Louis Zukofsky. These were some of the avant-garde people that would influence him in the next few years

About the work of Stan Brakhage and examples

Stan Brakhage worked on a lot of videos and films with different techniques of using the camera handheld and he used his creativity to produce them.  Mothlight is one of Brakhage’s older and best known films made in 1963. The film is 4 minutes long and it was composed with hundreds of moth wings collected from the inside of lamps and windows. The film shows a view of moths dancing. Brakhage called it”what a moth might see the birth to death if black were white and white were black”.  The film shows how creative he was to even have an idea of collecting moth wings and pressing them together between two layers of tape. Its a Silent film but with its own visual music. Mothlight on youtube

Window water baby is another experimental film by Brakhage which was filmed in 1958 and was released in 1959. This film shows the birth of his daughter. The whole film is silent just like his other films this gives a dissociating and alienating feel to them. The film took him over several months to edit because of the delays caused by kodak seizing the film. Window Water Baby is a great film which has insufficiently captured viewers emotions . He was also emotional while fimling the scene because it was the birth of his first child. Window Water Baby on youtube

Stan Brahage explored in different areas. He looked at predigested emotions, pretty pictures and predictable formulas. His work makes people have an experience they have never had before especially in the film “window water baby” each viewer’s experience of them is different .His work has influcend and will continue to influence people in this century.

Websites in this website is Stan’s interview answer and biography and also looking at his life as a video artist. Works of Stan Brakhage, film pioneer and longtime CU professor, preserved in new center

Stan was born on January 14, 1933 and Died on March 9 2003.


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Janelle Ashley Nielson film editor Essay


The film editor I am going to write about is Janelle Ashley Nielson because she has developed from being a child and wanting to be a film editor till today she is now a successfully film editor who has worked with a lot of other amazing editors in the film industry.

Her Life as Editor

Janelle Ashley Nielson studied film studies at the U.C.Irvine and shortly after graduating she began he career in the film editing world.She has worked with film makers and producers such as Andrew Adamson, Dennis Dugan, Kelvin Smith, Julian Farino, Linda Berman, Sueann fincke, Jim Milio, patricia Cardoso, Micheal Chapman, David Lynch and many more filmmakers. Janelle moved to los Angeles after she finished college where she worked in the film industry. She decided to be a film editor when she was in high school. She started sound mixing when she was a teenager and presented them to her family for Christmas and other events this was when she knew she wanted to be a film editor as her career. she then went on to the university of California, irvine where she learned the basics of film language for example story, production and theory all in one.

Janelle Ashley has worked on films and different shows which are shown on E channel and MTV. She has also worked on films like “The Chronicles of Narnia, Real Women have curves and Entourage. She is currently  working on the hit reality series Kendra on E! and also Holly’s world. Janelle’s creativity and editing is inspired by her mentors who she gives credit to. She creates something interesting for the viewers to watch. Janelle believes that an editing room should be filled with fun, laughter and creativity is one that will produce the best work.

Her Influence 

She was inspired by Georges Melies because his films were some of the first in film history to use special effects such as time-lapse photography, stop camera trick, multiple exposure and dissolves. Janelle was influenced and saw  film as a magical medium that could be manipulated to tell any story.  Other film editors who influenced Janelle are Stan Brakhage whom she studied while she was in college she watched his film called  Mothlight which was made in 1963. What inspired her the most was because Stan Brakhage film were silent, but even though they had the silence they had visual music of their own. She saw a movie called Tommy in a movie theater at the age of 5 and she was exposed to something she had never seen in her life, the movie involving rock opera, music video and musical amused her and this is when her love for editing started.

Her Work.

I did some research on Janelle Ashley and her work and what I found out is that she is a person who enjoys editing and would do anything to stay in the studio the whole day without taking any breaks. She likes what she does and puts her effort into it. I watched an episode of Kendra on E! channel and I looked at her editing styles I noticed that she uses a lot of voice over like any other reality show. For example in season three episode nine Kendra taking about her day then while shes talking, we see a scene where shes driving a car, we can only see the car but can’t see her, but we can still hear her voice from the first scene.

She worked on the Chronicles of Narnia the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. In this film she added a lot of  cutting on action cuts because its mostly an action movie especially towards the end when the last battle is being fought. she uses this cut to create a logical sequence of action. The scenes in this part of the movie match in time and location. Janelle uses this cut by first of all we see the older girl taking out her weapon “bond and arrow” and she aims at her target, we see her target then it cuts to a lower angle of her holding the weapon then she shots directly at him and immediately he falls down dead. She uses all times of cuts in her films and makes them fun to watch and making the audience excited. This is the clip from Chronicles of Narnia the final battle.


To conclude Janelle Ashley is a good editor who loves to edit films and thinks about the audience when editing. She has worked for different films and she continues working for more editing features and dramatic television series and other projects with other editors. 


Other Influence 

Patrick Don Vito , Steve Centracchio , Gregg Featherman , Kate McGowan , Mary Sweeney



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Assignment Report OUTCOME 1

Creative Industries and its Sectors

Creative industries Play a big role in the uk with television, radio, design and publishing being the largest sub-sectors.  There are eleven creative sectors and these are, photography video and film , advertising, arts and antique markets, architecture, design, fashion and design, electronic publishing, software, computer games and electronic publishing, music and performing arts and television and radio. All these sectors focus on creating.

Culture Industries and Creative industries

There is a difference between Creative industries and Culture industries because Culture industries focus on activities like Tourism, museums and libraries and outdoor or indoor activites this can include sports.  The history of creative industries shows that during the 80s the Greater London council started using the term creative industries for the highlight of two significant development. Vast majority in TV, radio, film, music, books, advertisements and concerts had nothing to do with the public funding system while the Cultural industries activities fell outside the public funding

Creative industries offers a lot of employment for anyone interested in any of the sectors. Tv and radio holds the largest employment in London. In Scotland there is a significant concentration of employment in radio and TV.  Other employement found in creative industries are in software, multimedia, graphic arts, fashion and design, internet, film and Tv . radio these have the highest employment rates in the creative industries.



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Evaluation MAP project

In response to the brief I had to create an interactive map with working buttons using flash. I took photographs of my life and education and the kind of activities I was involved in while I was in school. I also looked at my further education and so I had to go out and photograph the two universities I was willing to go for my studies.

Did you achieve your aims and objective

My aim was to produce an interactive map I was hoping to create a map with collaged images in order to show my life timeline of education. As a result of the project I hoped to have a better knowledge and understanding on how to create simple things like making buttons on flash, creating movie clips and creating actions in order for the buttons to work right. I also hoped to learn more about Photoshop when creating collage images. I achieved my aims and objective. I managed to create a finished map with the use of Photoshop and Flash. I now have a good understanding on how to create movie clips and actions as I was having difficulties with them in the beginning.

Did you make some discoveries

What would you do differently

What will you carry over into another project

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