Open and Closed interactivity

Open and Closed interactivity These two types of interactivity were introduced by Lev Manovich.

Closed interactivity involves a little activity between a human and a computer. I did research on closed interactivity websites and I found a two websites. First website I found is a search engine called info space and the second website I found is the “Dear John” movie website.

This website is a closed interactive website because they is not much happening between the computer and the person. It’s a search engine website I had to key in what I was looking for then a lot of links came up and when I Clicked on them they just took me to another website. Not much happening at all. 

This is a movie website for the movie “Dear John”. The website has good quality images and music but there no much interaction involved between a person and the computer. I can download wallpapers, ringtones and twitter skins but I can’t upload anything onto the website itself.

Open Interactivity

Open Interactivity involves a lot of interaction between a human and a computer, its more like the definition of communication Interaction. I researched on two websites that I thought were open interaction.

This is a shopping website where they sell clothes, shoes and accessories. I consider the website to be open Interaction because it has a lot to offer. If a person wants to buy something they can click on them and view them with zoom to see how the whole product looks like. They can either buy online or contact a member of staff by calling in to order. I also discovered that I can register for membership and have a blog, I can comment on the products on their blogs or I can write my own.




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