The history of human and computer Interactivity

Digital computer technology was not available until 1940s it was difficult to use and unpredictable and was too expensive to un individual. The first two main Input and Output devices are the keyboard and the monitor. They have been there since the earliest computer prototypes(1960s).

The first mouse was made of wood. It introduced by Douglas Engelbert in 1968. Other Input and Output devices were introduced but they were all optional and they still are, while the key board, monitor and mouse remained a must for every computer till this day.

How  these devices affect the type of human computer interaction

Input and output devices affect the type of human computer interaction by converting signals that a computer can understand into representations that a human user can read or see. Input and output devices bring together a computer’s inner world of bits and real world perceptive to human senses. “input to computers consists of sensed information about physical environment”. This quote is just giving us an idea of physical interaction between humans and devices. For example the mouse senses movement across a surface and the keyboard detects a contact closure when the user presses a key. However any sensed information about physical properties of places or things can serve as input to computer systems.


 Imitation of something real

Computer simulation has three meanings.

Computer simulation can refer to a computer program that simulates and abstract model so that it can be studied and analyzed.

 Computer simulation can also refer to a 3D computer graphics model made to represent a three-dimensional object.

It can also be refered to the practice called emulation in which the functions of particular system are reproduced on a second.

Computer Simulation is used in  safety engineering, testing, training, education and video games.

Describe the kind of interactive experiences involved with computer simulation such as driving style games

The kind of interaction experiences involved with computer simulation such as driving style games is as simple as getting a joy pad(controller) and pressing the buttons in order for the character to move. The controls on Playstation and Xbox have a vibration when a character or an object bangs into something, this is sometimes used to simulate force back. Simulation games focus on realism. So the game looks real and the player will feel like they belong there.


Hypertext is text which contains links to other texts. A document can have a hypertext which would be point to another document. Instead of having to type in the whole URL people just click on hyperlinks.  An example of hypertext  is PASTRYSHOES.

The type of interactivity involved with hypertext

hypertext allows readers or viewers to interact with the document. It also allows readers to create structured pattern. This interactivity can lead one person to follow many different paths in order to answer one question. This can also mean the reader will follow different links from the same source document as their own requirements are completely separate.


Computer Games

The level of interaction needed to play a computer Game

the level of interaction needed to play a computer game is often slow with emotional response which is unlikely to occur.

Virtual Reality

The form of interactivity that would be involved in immersive environment are the user being able to interact with the environment in a natural intuitive manner. Various immersive Technology such as gestural controls motion tracking and computer vision respond to the user’s action and movements.

Time based

Examples of time based work

Youtube is an example of time based work on the web. Youtube is a video website. the videos have timing on them to show us how long it’s going to play.

Micro Trux is also an example of time based work. this is an online game with timing. This game involves beating time in order to move on to the next level

Task Orientated software

 The sort of interactivity which would be involved when using task- orientated softwares such as drawing or CAD application would be self determination were people determine their own economic , social and cultural development.

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