Interactivity Report


Open Interactivity

Open Interactivity involves a lot of interaction between a human and a computer, its more like the definition of communication Interaction. I researched on websites that I thought were open interaction. I found a shopping website

they sell clothes, shoes and accessories. On this website I was able to click on a product and view it in different colours I wanted it to be. I also discovered that I can have membership and have my own blog.

 Closed Interactivity

Closed interactivity is when there is a little activity between the human and a computer. Some websites involve little activity between a person and the computer. I researched on websites like and

and for both of the websites there was not much happening apart from reading information clicking and searching. On these websites I couldn’t upload images, videos etc…

Physical , Communication and Internal interaction

Devices such as Computers,Video games and mobile phones are designed to be interactive and we engage to them in our everday lives. In Hertzian Tales, Anthony Dunne explorers the physical interactivity between a device and a person and he calls it “Hertzian Space”.

Example of Physical Interaction in video games is the Wii and ps3 game motion controler. The two devices involve physical interaction between the human and the device.

Communication interaction involves communication with another person or an agent who can respond during a telephone conversation, internet chat sessions and video conferencing or real time face to face.

Internal Interactivity is when an individual respond to a film or a piece of art by filling in pieces of information.

The history of computer interactivity

. Computer technology was not available until 1940s. The monitor and the keyboard were the first two main input and output devices these were introduced in the 1960s. Douglas Engelbort introduced the first mouse in 1968. These three devices remained a must for every computer although othe optional devices were introduced.


is the imitation of something real. It is used in computer style games such as driving games. Simulation games focus on realism and so if a person is playing a game they will feel like they exsit in the game.


or hyperlinks allows viewers to interact with a document that leads to another document through hypertext.



the level of interaction needed to play a computer game is often slow with emotional response which is unlikely to occur. Time based Micro Trux is also an example of time based work. this is an online game with timing. This game involves beating time in order to move on to the next levelVirtual reality

is computer simulated environments that make an imaginary world into a real world. People that use virtual reality interact through the use of standard input devices like the keyboard and the mouse.Task Orientated Software


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