Navigation Report


Navigation is used to perform navigation tasks by navigators. Navigation can be both computer and non computer navigation. Google Earth, GPS navigation systems for vehicles, hand drawn maps these are all examples of navigation systems.

Navigation can also be used in vehicles to show real-time map and a current location with a step to step direction to a requested destination.

Another Example of navigation is a map design for transport by Harry Becks “The london underground”. Harry beck’s intentions was to help people know the direction they where heading when travelling on an undersground train.

Becks realised that a persons geographical location is not what matters but the important thing is knowing how to get to your final destination.

Navigation is also used in devices like mobile phones or ipods for example the “Iphone”. It is as simple as moving through a menu structure in a software application when using these devices. Navigation is also used on web sites, moving from page to page is navigating.

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