Bitmap and Vector

The Difference between Bitmap and Vector


 Bitmap graphics are made up of pixels, these pixels are taken together to make up an image. The pixels can be made with different colours but they are all the same size.

When a bitmap image is enlarged the image can appear blocky if there is no high resolution to supply the information for the image details.


Vector graphics are made up of smaller images like the bitmap but the vector graphics have parts that are scalable. When the parts are scalable it means that the designers can change there resolution of the graphics in any direction.

Lossless Compression


All of the information is completely restored

Lossless compression is when a file is compression and every detail and data that was in the file remains after it has been uncompressed. An image file format used on the web that provides lossless information is GIF. Other examples are PNG,TIFF



Lossy Compression


A lossy compression permanently removes certain information when a file is uncompressed.  Only a part of information is still there but the rest is removed “the user may not notice it”.

This compression can be used for video and sound.


Examples of Lossy file compressors






File Graphic Formats


JPEG – Used method of lossy compression for photographic images. JPEG is used to compress photographic images.” JPEGs reduce the original image size by sub diving and simplifying simplex images” This allows the files to transfer quickly across internet connection.


GIF – GIF file format uses lossless compression method. This file format is used for storing graphical images up to 256 colours.

PSD- Is a Photoshop file format which supports images with more editing options on Photoshop for example colour shapes, masks, text and transparency.

BMP- is made up of pixels, tiny dots that represent colour in an image. Some BMP files may contain black-and-white images (1 bit).  


TIFF- flexible, adaptable file format for handling images and data within a single file


PICT- Introduced on Apple Macintosh computer as its standard metafile format. PICT allows the interchange of graphics both bitmapped and vector between MAC applications.



PDF – Created by Adobe applications used for representing 2D documents. The file demonstrates a fixed layout of 2D document that include text, fonts, images and 2D vector graphics





PNG – this file format uses zip compression which is a lossless







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