Engagement Report


Engagement is used in games, websites and film as an important rule to get attention from the viewer or user.
The following concepts of narrative Plot, Time, Story, Space and Cause and effect are used in film but are used in websites and games to create “surprise or suspense”

Narrative works as a form of engagement with the use of the following concepts ;

Plot – Things that are seen on screen for example characters, theme music and credits. Everything that is visible and audibly presented on screen.

Time – whether in film, games or webpages events can be presented in chronological order. In film the film might not show every detail from start to finish.

story- this is the set of all events in a narrative

space- an important factor used in film narrative. the visible space between the frame(plot) is called screen space.

and Finally Cause and effect in games is used for characters in there actions. In cause and effect characters have several properties. usually thay have a body and the posses traits like attitude, drives, details of dress and appearance habits.


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