Examples of how narrative works as a form of engagement in film

Plot –  A plot is a series of events that happen to the characters in a described setting.  In order to maintain the continuity of the story all events should follow logically.  Plot provides images, sounds to add understanding to the film structure. 

An example of plot is a film by Marie Antoinette “I want Candy”


Time – Depending on what the plot shows us we understand and construct story time.

Chronological order – Chronological order means from the beginning to the end.   it says out of chronological order when watching a film it is up to the viewer to engage in trying to put events in chronological order and to assign them some duration and frequency.

Story – Story is everything within the film world. A story suggests events we don’t see and can go beyond the plot. the set of all events in a narrative both explicit and those the viewer infers example we assume other people to be off screen in a street scene.

Space– in film narrative space is one of the most important factor. Normally the place of the story is also of the plot but the plot leads us to other locales as part of the story

cause and effect– the agents of cause and effect are the characters, they create causes and react to the twists and turns in the story just by reacting to the events.

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