Metaphor, Off Screen space

Examples of metaphor looking at film, animation and other forms of traditional visual communication.

The Door by Nina Shorina  1983

A dysfuntion door which wont let the residents of the department block use the door to get in and get out. Then door in this film is used as a metaphor for the dysfunction in the soviet regime.

The hand (1965) by Jiri Trinka

The hand is the symbol of state intervation. Paul wells pointed out that the presiding metaphor is the relationship between art and authority. for more understand of the metaphor used in “Then Hand” the book “understanding animation” p86 -88 is a good source for more infromation.

A space odyssey by Stanley Kubrick (2001)

The ape throws the ape into the air. The born in this film is an example of a visual metaphor. The Born is also an extention of mans capabilities to use tools.

More Examples of metaphor

Metophar and Film- Book

On-screen and off-screen space

Space that exists in the diegesis but that is not visible in the frame. Offscreen space becomes significant when the viewer’s attention is called to an event or presence in the diegesis that is not visible in the frame. Offscreen space is commonly exploited for suspense in horror and thriller films, such as The Stendhal Syndrome (La Sindrome di Stendhal, Dario Argento, Italy, 1996)

Examples of off-screen space found in films

A Man Escaped is a film by Robert Bresson. In this film the use of off-screen space was important and is seen through out the movie. he wanted to take away the freedom from the camera and from the audience so the camera didnt follow fontaine escaping.


Indiana Jones

The first shot opens with a shot of the golden sun. The characters enter the screen from the off screen space to the left of the camera.

Tango – Animation

Rybczynski exploits the concept of the single off screen space by filling it with lots of actions. the small room has no enough space for the action that is taking place. He used a number of ways through to off screen space in Tango. The window and the back door wall and the doors on either side of the room these also have there own uses in the off screen space

Computer Software Programes



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