information Structures report

Information systems

Information systems are used for storing and displaying information on computers.

Modular systems

modular designs are also available in other things for example cars, fridges and furniture. The whole idea is to build computers easily replaceable parts that use standardized interfaces. The use of information and flexibility has increased in designers such as graphic designers and 3D designers. Through modularisation they are able to build flexibility.

Not only are metaphors part of communication but they can also be used visually. Metaphors are also used in films. Visual objects can be used as a way to represent or suggest a different idea. For example in animation metaphor can be a drawing of someone with a lightbulb above them which will gives us a clue that they just had an idea.

Computer software programs(off screen and on screen space)

Onscreen and off screen space are used for computer softwares such as photoshop and photoplus both of these softwares have the navigator tool. The navigator tool in photoplus combines the functions of the Zoom Tool and the Pan Tool. The ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ icons allow you to zoom in and out. in photoshop the navigator tool lets you navigate within an image or to adjust the zoom level of an image the naviagtion tool also”searches for off-screen and on screen space with images that are too large for the screen”.

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