Compositing and layering

 Traditionally collages

Retroactive I, 1964


Retroactive is an image by Rauschenberg. The original context for the different source that make up the finished example for this image are the artist himself used atypical materials like house paint as well as techniques like painting with a tire dipped ink.

He gathered images from magazines and newspapers.


Picture with the light is a collage piece of art work by Kurt Schwitters. Dada Movement with an abstract theme and a water colour paint technique.

Intentions and meaning behind the work

Intentions and meaning of work behind this piece of art work was to create structural art abstraction. The colour itself stands out from the light which made people focus on both of them not only on the light. The colour itself plays an important role as well as the light.  His intentions were to introduce the use of two elements “colour and light” with the use of paint and collage. He never stopped thinking of painting as central to his work,” states curator Isabel Schultz in her catalogue essay.

Where I think the artist or designer sourced the different elements for the work

 I think he sourced the different elements from newspaper and magazines it’s a Painted collage



The meaning of this piece of art work was mainly based on the world war and politics. This piece of photomontage work was referring to Adolf Hitler when he received the financial backing from the wealthy industrialist. The wealthy communist feared Germany would vote for the communist government. He used his collage work as political medium. John Heartfield changed his name from Helmut Herzfeld as a way to protest in world war one.

 Where I think the artist or designer has sourced the different elements from

He used compositing to create an x-ray image showing Adolf with the gold coins in his stomach.

Film Editing or Montage

A brilliant use of jump cutting and cutting between two different sets of action. This is incredibly technical editing at it’s best. It is particularly spectacular because it is at the very start of the film, as it has to introduce the main characters.


Simply incredible editing on a hugely technical scale.

 This scene deserves its place on the list simply as a technical achievement by itself. However, the editor manages to create fear against an unseen enemy. He also borrows the same technique used in ‘Raging Bull’ by moving between fast and slow cutting. This is used on the beach when all war sounds are drained out and Tom Hanks looks hopelessly across the war-torn landscape.
Contemporary and Postmodern images 


beautiful array of shapes and colors.


The different range of sources for this images are just output is then sampled resized smaller and then it was modified and resiced larger for severak iterations to create this image.


This image was constructed from three files on Photoshop. The artist overlaid the files and faded the image of himself over the bullring









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