compositing and layering report

Composition in art means “relating your shapes in the area which houses your picture so tht the shapes are aesthetically pleasing to each other and to the whole” This a the basis of a good compostion

Layering incorporates a variety of subject matters into levels and results in more dynamic and complex photos. Rather than a single subject alone, layering is used to incorporate the dynamic of foreground and background elements.

Traditionally collages and photomontages

A collage includes the following sources of materials hand made papers, portions of other artwork, photographs, newspaper clippings and ribbons all glued to a piece of canvas or paper.

The invention of paper in China – 200BC people saw the first technique of collage. During the 10th century calligraphers of japan began to apply glued paper using tects on the surfaces when writing there poems and in the 19th century collage methods were used for photo albums and books.

The first photomontage was by Oscar Rejlander it was the most famous mid victorian photomontage called The Two Ways of Life in 1857. Cutting and joining a number of photographs is a process of creating a composite photograph.

 More information

Film Editing.

Contemporary images

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