Type of multimedia report

ebay – http://http://www.ebay.com/


Ebay is an online shopping website and it offers direct access to information creating and environment of self service. The website itself allows users to click on hyperlinks and control active navigation of contests in a non-linear contest. Users interact with the website in many ways such as subscription, contests, feedback, help and search engine.

The site map is an example of navigation because it guides users around the website to know where to find things when they want them and to know how much content is available. Ebay is easy to navigate because things are positioned in places where a user would expect them to be positioned.
when you open this website the first impression is the search engine because it excites to see that you have a choice to choose which category you want to view first. also the pictures of the products and the prices grabs our attention towards what we are looking for.

Information Structures
The site structure for ebay is not confusing as many links don’t link to other websites just within ebay. This helps the users to build a firm and predictable mental model of the site. “A mental model is an explanation of someone’s thought process about how something works in the real world. It is a representation of the surrounding world. They use these models to asses relations among topics and to guess where to find things they havent seen before”. This is a site structure information guide found on google.

The website itself has a simple background with no animation techniques such as easing and deforming. They isn’t much dynamic motion effects going on.

Compositing and layering
ebay is an online shopping website which allows users to buy products online. It also allows users to sell their products on the website. Users can create their own templates with individual pieces that they want to show. They can include pictures of the product they want to sell and include text with different colours and styles.

I experienced ebay as a Business social networking site because users sell products and goods everyday and people buy online everyday. ebay is also a type of business networking site but with a social activity.

Multimedia example 2 CD/DVD ROM
CD ROM is a form of multimedia which services many needs and options in education, instructions and entertainment. CD-ROMS hold the highest capacity for storage.
How the following eight theories interactivity, Navigation, Engagement, Information Structures, Screen space, Dynamics, Compositing and Layering and Network can be applied to CD ROMS.
Interactive DVDS and CD- ROMs have a lot of text, graphics, still photos, videos and audios these all interact with the user. Also CD-ROMs can interact with programs like word documents, acrobat’s documents, database and PowerPoint shows. This means that the user can interact just by clicking on objects and can be used to make reports which the user can print and keep.
Navigation through DVD/CD-ROMs are used to navigate through resources and information for example some manuals for mobile phones, digital cameras mp3 etc. are installed on the CD-ROM and the user can click on buttons and it takes them where they wanted to go.
DVD/ CD-ROMs have a lot of interactive animation, graphics and a lot of photographs and most of all videos. These all grab our attention and makes us interested in browsing more information and make us even want to see what it’s got to offer without feeling like it’s a waste of time.
Information structures
There are many systems used for storing and displaying information on the DVD/ CD-ROMs. DVDS have BUP, IFO, VOB types of files for storing information. BUP is the backup file of IFO and IFO is the file which stores information such as audio tracks, subtitle tracks and chapters. VOB files contain information structures like the menu, actual video and audio subtitles.
When it comes to DVD and CD –ROMs. DVDs use frame rates and CD-ROMs use sampling rates. Frame Rates in DVDs are being increased from 24/25fs to 80fs as a way of making the image or animation look smoother. It is how ever advised from the designer talk website that “any more than 24/25fs is a wasted effort due to the human eye not being able to distinguish more than that”.
CD- ROMs can be accessed over a Network. This can only be done if it has been correctly installed. Firstly a network must have. I found the following information on a certain website which I will list after this short information.
“Firstly, a network CD-ROM drive must be a SCSI drive and must have a data transfer rate of at least 300K per second (the top rate of most standard dual-speed drives) and a seek time of no more than 200 ms. Such drives are made by Toshiba NEC and Pioneer”.

Website Pastry

The Navigation of this website is very intresting and is not too complicated. The navigation is quite simple and clear the tabs on the top are clickable and easy to find information. The homepage has a Top navigation bar meaning there is more room below for content and other information. Even though they is a lot of graphics and other information below the navigation bar the navigation itself stands out.
The beautiful bright colorful background is the first thing that grabs our attention then the we see amazing photography from the designers themselves wearing the colorful shoes they have designed. The attention we get towards the website makes us curious and

There is a couple of animation techniques espeacially on the homepage. First we see the picture of Angela then its desolves into vanessa’s picture with the same camera shot but on different sides.

Compositing and Layering
The website has a number of layers but i can’t seem to count how many they are. There are three images on the homepage that are collaged using photoshop.
This website is a business website but also has a link to social websites such as tweeter and facebook. apart from business use it can also be used as a social networking site because it allows people to create accounts and have their own blog and disscuss about the products that they sell. It also allows users to leave comments to the designers and find out about latest information on the Pastry shoes.

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