A social network is made up of individuals called nodes. social networks can focus on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people. As an online service these can lead to people meeting people who share interests or activities. most social networks are website based and examples of website based social networks are “Facebook, word press blog and flickr” These allower people to interact online using the internet on email and instant messaging.

Ways in which artists can use networks to disseminate their work

Artists can create a group on any networking site e.g web blog the artist can show there work to the public easily by creating a fan page and putting pictures of there work with slideshows and videos. Also it would be easier to join any free online galleries art websites and a lot of people would be able to view there work and might want more information on the work so the artist might include a link to there webpage.

Artist specific networks-


An artist can benefit from inclusion in the network using the following way. 

Interact With the Public

The artist can interact with the public using this artist network because its a social network which will allow the public browse through their work and they will be able to discuss more about a piece of work with each other. 

Add URL.

Once the artist creates a profile page it is important that they add their URL including there brand name in order for the people to be able to access it. Having a URL is good because it will be easy to be located on any search engine.


The artist can create a blog or can join a blog. The blog on the website comes in handy when questions are being asked and the artist replays to them. Also there is a magazine blog on the website the artist can have there work included in the magazine and more people will be interested in finding out more information with indirect communication to the artists. Also with the blog it means people will stay updated with new staff. 


The artist can sell there books on the site shop and also resources is included . 

These are the ways in which an artist can benefit from inclusion on this artists network. 

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