task 4 cuts examples

match cut

a space odyssey-1968- stanley kubrick

in this scene we see the ape throwing the bone in air after discovering the use of the bone as tool and then we see another shot of the space station in space traveling around the earth. the editor linked two different shots of the bone and the space station and combined them together as a symbol of advanced tools.

Jump cut

Breathless by Jean-luc Godard. This movie was made in 1960. In this scene of the movie breathless we see two characters in a car going somewhere and i noticed jump cuts two minutes during the car ride.



Honey I shrunk the kids by Joe Johnston. (1989)

This scene is when the the kids shrink. The scene starts with the kids knocking on the door then we see a different scene(the film maker cuts) of a room with a close up of the shrinking machine. The viewer expects the machine to shrink the kids immediately the door is opened.


Cross cut

A Corner in Wheat 1909 by David Llewelyn Wark Griffith.

In this scene we see two different types of people businessmen and poor people waiting in line for bread. This creates a sharp dichotomy between the two actions, and encourages the viewer to compare the two shots


Sound or music cut

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)Jonathan Demme  on 05.12 after charice comes from seeing dr lecter she remembers her father when she was a child coming home from work. after he picks her up and spins her around, the camera pans over to a passing truck and tilts up to the sky. Then we hear Clarice’s sobs and cut back to her outside the mental institution, leaning on her car and crying.



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