Task 5 shot and reverse

shot and reverse

Shot and reverse shot is a film technique where two or more shots are edited together, sometimes one character is would be shown starring at another character in off screen space and then the other character would be shown looking back to the other character. The characters may look like they are starring at each other because the are shown facing in opposite directions.  shot and reverse shot is also part of continuity editing because the characters in one frame will look left in the other frame they will look right. in shot and reverse shots you get over the shoulder framings.

The camera

The film makers use the camera to cut back and forward between the characters. Like i mentioned earlier over the shoulder framings are most common, when the camera cuts one of the character in the foreground of the frame usually it will involve over the shoulder framing. By showing most of the parts of the body this indicates the changing physical relations of the two persons.

examples of shot and reverse 

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