Task one non linear and linear editing

Non Linear editing and Linear editing

Non linear editing is a method that allows editiors to perform their film and video editing on a computer. In digital editing non linear also allows the editors to access frames in a digital video clip and also allows direct access to any frame in a digital video clip. In Non linear editing the editors don’t have to have historical videotape editing system in order to play or shuttle through adjacent footage. For example non linear is used in movie editing if it was shot in film analog it is then converted to digital to save time and money, research shows that “EDL movies contain analog frame sources and time codes so that the original analog film can be quickly cut and spliced in the editing room this costs several hundreds of dollers per hour”

Linear video editing is a different practice from non linear editing. Instead of using a computer for editing a videotape can be used and images and sounded are stored on the tape. This video editing style enables the editor to edit a program together using different shots from original source tapes to a master tape one by one.

Examples of Non linear editing and Linear editing


This you tube clip is on linear video editing


This is another you tube video clip on non linear video editing.

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