Task 6 point of view shot report

A point of view shot is a shot used in film to show what the character is looking at.the point of view hot is usually positioned between a shot of a character looking at something and a shot showing the characters reaction.This shot also shows a view from the subject’s perspective.


example one

lady in the lake by Robert Montgomery (1947)

“the entire film is shot from a subjective viewpoint, and Montgomery’s face is seen only when he looks in a mirror. The film was not a critical or popular success” The filmmaker does not reveal the face of the person and we don’t get to see his face I think the filmmaker’s intentions was to make the viewer suspicious and be more curious in finding out how the person really looks like.


example two

on 1.04 when the character is on his motorbike and we see a point of view where his on the road and the camera is looking towards were he is heading and we see exactly what the character is looking at while his on his bike then it cuts back to a medium shot of the character on his bike again. I think the film maker was trying to make the viewers to feel like they are also riding with him. This also happens on 1.17 to 1.23.

with a lot of POV shots in this film the edit helped the shot by making them clear to the viewers.

example three

Dark Passage by Delmer Daves 1947


in this scene we see Humphrey bogart  being revealed after his badages are removed after having surgery. before that we do not have any idea about what he looks like and everything we see is seen through his eyes.

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