Body and Movement Plan

Project Title

Krumping is a street dance that is characterized by free expressive, exaggerated and highly energetic movement involving the arms, head, legs, chest and feet.

In response to the brief I am going to create a photo montage showing  different movement images of a dancer dancing to krump. With research i am going to try my best achieve this and create something different and intresting to look at. I am going to explore how the body moves when krumping and how much energy is needed looking at different parts of the body.

In order to represent Dance through body and movement I am going to photograph a lot of images of a person krumping then put then together showing the different moves involved.

In order to show how he moves I am to try an get photographs showing different body parts by zooming in and out or just  use long shots to capture the whole body moving.

My aim is to produce a finished piece of digital work and as a result of this work I am hoping to achieve a good quality photo montage which will clearly show the different body parts when krumping. When I finish the project I hope to have a better understanding when using a computer and technical objects like the camera and also know that using digital  technology to produce work is an advantage.

For me to complete this project every photograph I will need to photograph a lot of photographs first then circle the ones I think will be good enough. For the background I decided to outside just to make it look more street like and I will try and photograph on a black or white background just to show how the figure will stand out .

I looked at contemporary dancing and its history and I thought the type of movement in this dance is a bit simluar to Krumping. I managed to find background information on the two types of dancing. and
I found information on Richard Finkelstien a digital art artist.
Another artist I looked at is Bill Viola he has a lot of work based on human body and movement looking at his work has enouraged me to even look deeper into making the body as an Art work.
I also found examples of of stop motion in dance and movement example of stop motion dance,
SLR Digital camera, Computer with photoshop and Flash. I will need space with a wall which have a black backround or white or I will have to set this up myself.
Plan – 9th of May
Developing and doing Project – 30th of May
Evaluation – 13 th of June
Final touches – 2oth of June

I am hoping to complete this project by the 20th of June.

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