Activity 3

What form and level of interactivity does your project have?

The form of interactivity that my map project has is closed interactivity as they will be just browsing through.

How does your finished project engage the user or viewer?

My project will engage the user or view because of the interactivity and the layout of the map. Also I chose bright colours these will put interest in the viewers. The map itself is colourful and Also the photographs of the different stages I have been through makes the user curious and want to see more photographs of me as the years goes by.
How does your navigation relate to current conventions?
The action allows the user to go to the next year and it also allows the user to go to the previous page or the homepage.

how has movement and dynamics affected the design or creation of your finished project?
my project just involved a map with collaged images of me basically its a gallery of pictures but with intresting movement. I made four movie clips with images I put to show the kind of activities I was involved in as the years goes by. From highschool to college and my future in university.
How have you used compositing and layering to build your finished project?

The buttons were linked together this makes it easy to navigate to the next page or layer. I had a different colour for each button for different years.

How have you enabled network opportunities in your finished projects?
I just wanted my map project to be more like a social network but also inspire viewers with what they see. A website called helped me think about how I want the map to show the viewers how important what i do is to me by showing information that is not too much and not too boring.

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