Outcome 1 Task one

Define the creative industry sector in the uk

In the uk the three largest sub-sectors in the creative industries are television, radio and design and publishing. Creative industries focus on creating and exploiting intellectual property products..

Identifying the range of work within the sector

In london 30 percent of the employment in the creative industries is concentrated there. 22percent of the employment in software is concentrated in london the size of the sector means it accounts more than 26 per cent of employment in london’s creative industries.


london holds the highest employment in radio and Tv. In scotland there is a significant concentration of employement in radio and tv.  

There is also a significant number of jobs in architecture compared to other regions outside London and the South East.

The highest employment rates in the creative industries is found in software, multimedia, graphic arts, fashion and design, internet, film and TV, radio

Ways creative industries are different from cultural industries

cultural industries are different from creative industries because they focus on things like cultural tourism and heritage, museums and libraries sports and outdoor activities. creative industries focus on human creativity in things like arts, crafts,fashion,film,music, advertising, architecture, video games and Tv and Radio.

The history and development of the sector

History of creative industries and technology

In the 1980s the Greater london council began using the term creative industries for the highlight of two siginificant development. cultural activities fell outside and public funding and the vast majority in tv, radio, film, music, books, advertisements and concerts had nothing to do with the public funding system.

from cultural to creative industries. New growth branches of multimedia and software meant that they could not be classified as cultural industries this lead to a disengagement of cultural industries from the field of art and culture.

Identifying the economic importance of creative industries 

Analyzing Research 

Film, TV, video games to publishing architecture and music in the creative are one of the UK’s world class sectors. And Research shows that there economic importance is significant but underestimated. around 6-8%  is contributed by creative industries to UK outputs and they produce exports of more than £16bn every year. Not only do the produce well known cultural and entertainment products but they also employ nearly two million people plus 800 thousand in related industries.

Identifying the cultural importance of  the creative industries.


Cultural wealth 

Cultural wealth is a collection of arts and architecture these all help to define the culture of a region.

Social Wealth

social wealth referes to forms of wealth that are neither private property owned and managed by individuals and forms nore or private property owned and managed by governements instead this are forms of wealth that are social, they belong to no one yet at the same time belong to us all. examples incude natures wealth natural resources like the fish in the sea or the air we all breathe. This form of wealth are valuable and they are terribly important  for current and future human well being.


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