Evaluation MAP project

In response to the brief I had to create an interactive map with working buttons using flash. I took photographs of my life and education and the kind of activities I was involved in while I was in school. I also looked at my further education and so I had to go out and photograph the two universities I was willing to go for my studies.

Did you achieve your aims and objective

My aim was to produce an interactive map I was hoping to create a map with collaged images in order to show my life timeline of education. As a result of the project I hoped to have a better knowledge and understanding on how to create simple things like making buttons on flash, creating movie clips and creating actions in order for the buttons to work right. I also hoped to learn more about Photoshop when creating collage images. I achieved my aims and objective. I managed to create a finished map with the use of Photoshop and Flash. I now have a good understanding on how to create movie clips and actions as I was having difficulties with them in the beginning.

Did you make some discoveries

What would you do differently

What will you carry over into another project

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