Assignment Report OUTCOME 1

Creative Industries and its Sectors

Creative industries Play a big role in the uk with television, radio, design and publishing being the largest sub-sectors.  There are eleven creative sectors and these are, photography video and film , advertising, arts and antique markets, architecture, design, fashion and design, electronic publishing, software, computer games and electronic publishing, music and performing arts and television and radio. All these sectors focus on creating.

Culture Industries and Creative industries

There is a difference between Creative industries and Culture industries because Culture industries focus on activities like Tourism, museums and libraries and outdoor or indoor activites this can include sports.  The history of creative industries shows that during the 80s the Greater London council started using the term creative industries for the highlight of two significant development. Vast majority in TV, radio, film, music, books, advertisements and concerts had nothing to do with the public funding system while the Cultural industries activities fell outside the public funding

Creative industries offers a lot of employment for anyone interested in any of the sectors. Tv and radio holds the largest employment in London. In Scotland there is a significant concentration of employment in radio and TV.  Other employement found in creative industries are in software, multimedia, graphic arts, fashion and design, internet, film and Tv . radio these have the highest employment rates in the creative industries.



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