Janelle Ashley Nielson film editor Essay


The film editor I am going to write about is Janelle Ashley Nielson because she has developed from being a child and wanting to be a film editor till today she is now a successfully film editor who has worked with a lot of other amazing editors in the film industry.

Her Life as Editor

Janelle Ashley Nielson studied film studies at the U.C.Irvine and shortly after graduating she began he career in the film editing world.She has worked with film makers and producers such as Andrew Adamson, Dennis Dugan, Kelvin Smith, Julian Farino, Linda Berman, Sueann fincke, Jim Milio, patricia Cardoso, Micheal Chapman, David Lynch and many more filmmakers. Janelle moved to los Angeles after she finished college where she worked in the film industry. She decided to be a film editor when she was in high school. She started sound mixing when she was a teenager and presented them to her family for Christmas and other events this was when she knew she wanted to be a film editor as her career. she then went on to the university of California, irvine where she learned the basics of film language for example story, production and theory all in one.

Janelle Ashley has worked on films and different shows which are shown on E channel and MTV. She has also worked on films like “The Chronicles of Narnia, Real Women have curves and Entourage. She is currently  working on the hit reality series Kendra on E! and also Holly’s world. Janelle’s creativity and editing is inspired by her mentors who she gives credit to. She creates something interesting for the viewers to watch. Janelle believes that an editing room should be filled with fun, laughter and creativity is one that will produce the best work.

Her Influence 

She was inspired by Georges Melies because his films were some of the first in film history to use special effects such as time-lapse photography, stop camera trick, multiple exposure and dissolves. Janelle was influenced and saw  film as a magical medium that could be manipulated to tell any story.  Other film editors who influenced Janelle are Stan Brakhage whom she studied while she was in college she watched his film called  Mothlight which was made in 1963. What inspired her the most was because Stan Brakhage film were silent, but even though they had the silence they had visual music of their own. She saw a movie called Tommy in a movie theater at the age of 5 and she was exposed to something she had never seen in her life, the movie involving rock opera, music video and musical amused her and this is when her love for editing started.

Her Work.

I did some research on Janelle Ashley and her work and what I found out is that she is a person who enjoys editing and would do anything to stay in the studio the whole day without taking any breaks. She likes what she does and puts her effort into it. I watched an episode of Kendra on E! channel and I looked at her editing styles I noticed that she uses a lot of voice over like any other reality show. For example in season three episode nine Kendra taking about her day then while shes talking, we see a scene where shes driving a car, we can only see the car but can’t see her, but we can still hear her voice from the first scene.

She worked on the Chronicles of Narnia the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. In this film she added a lot of  cutting on action cuts because its mostly an action movie especially towards the end when the last battle is being fought. she uses this cut to create a logical sequence of action. The scenes in this part of the movie match in time and location. Janelle uses this cut by first of all we see the older girl taking out her weapon “bond and arrow” and she aims at her target, we see her target then it cuts to a lower angle of her holding the weapon then she shots directly at him and immediately he falls down dead. She uses all times of cuts in her films and makes them fun to watch and making the audience excited.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1Srppbhxv8&feature=related This is the clip from Chronicles of Narnia the final battle.


To conclude Janelle Ashley is a good editor who loves to edit films and thinks about the audience when editing. She has worked for different films and she continues working for more editing features and dramatic television series and other projects with other editors. 




Other Influence 

Patrick Don Vito , Steve Centracchio , Gregg Featherman , Kate McGowan , Mary Sweeney



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