Evaluation graded unit

After reading the brief I took into consideration the aspects that were required to be in the finished product/ artefact ,that will explore a range of human movement and expresssion.

The final product has answered the given brief because it has a lot of human movement and facial expressions. The project title was”Move 2 Dance” the reason for chosing this is because dance has a lot of movement involving the body, not only does it just involve the body it is also important to look at expressions. The project shows movement into one image. The first idea for the project developed was a street dancing type called “Krump” I chose this type of dance because it is a type of dance among the youth who see it as a way to release anger, aggression and frustration positively, in a non-violent way.
Aims and objectives for the project
Technically the aims and objectives of the project was to create a piece of digital work and I was hoping to create a good quality photomontage which would clearly show the different body parts when krumping and how the body moves, energy and exaggeration. The project has met the the aims and objectives because I followed my plan step by step in order to achieve this.
Strength and weakness

  • using Photoshop, color correcting and using layers, tools
  • Time keeping, having to creative a piece of work with a time constraint
  • Planning and development


  • Deciding on how the final image will look like

What I have learnt from completing the project

  • Experience on human movement and looking at examples of depictions of the human form in ancient classical art, Renaissance Art, Classical European Art, Impressionism/post impressionism, Modern movement and Contemporary Art. knowing the techniques and concepts behind collage, photomontage, constructivism, ready made dadaism, pop art arte pvers and conceptual arts
  • The challenge on working with time and more experience of working with the computer to create a digital artifact.
  • More experience of working with Photoshop
What I would have done Differently 
For the project I think nothing would be done differently because the way the project was planned was successful. The Final image worked well as a final outcome of the development and planning.
What Ideas and methodologies will I take to the next project
For the next project I Would like to work in a team just to build up my confidence and have experience of working a team. My ideas for the next project would be to create something interesting as a team for example it could be a film, image or animation.  So working as a team would be my idea for the next project.
How I integrate research into the development of my projecting 
I did some research on Edgar Degas his work involves moment and he is identified with the subject of dance. I looked at the composition of his work individually and took into consideration how important composition would be when developing. Although he is does not use the computer as a way of working I looked at the techniques he used such as using pastels and charcoal to create layers. He mixed pastels heavily with liquid fixative and when he use charcoal and then adds layers of pastels to cover parts of the charcoal. Layering was important in the development process and find the right background and looking at the work of Edgar Degas this helped me to achieve what I wanted.
Meeting Target dates and deadlines
The timing of the project went well just as it was outlined in the project planning. I had enough time for the research and planning and developing. I did everything on time I.e taking the images and having to choose which images will be in the final Product. There was plenty of time to go over my mistakes and do some finishing touches.
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