Film Evaluation

The project required me to create a a visual sequence which will consider the continuity of storytelling. I was required to create a logical flow which the auidience would follow i.e explore rhythm and pace, stillness, motion,awkward and elegant.

In response to the brief I was required to create a Film using non linear editing of atleast two minutes exploring the theme of body and movement. After reading the brief I took into consideration what was required to be in the film including the use of a camera i.e width, height and depth on screen and off screen space.

The next step was for me to think of a plan and what I was going to film. I did some research on emotions and facial expression, this lead me to my idea of what I was hoping to achieve.I then chose an opening scene “I give you Flowers”. In this scene I chose a female character as the main character becasue females like flowers. The main character was played by my Cousin. In the first scene we see her being given the flowers and accepting them with a surprise and her face brightens with happiness and then the flowers are taken off her and her mood changes to being sad. The scene includes a soundtrack of classical genre by Mozart “Requiem”. For the second scene the flowers are thrown at her and with anger she picks them up and throws them back and after throwing them back she has a grin on her face. For the second scene I put four frames into one to make it look interesting when she is throwing the flowers back in revenge.
I had to think about what was going to happen next I chose dance. The reason for chosing this particular activity is because it is a way of escaping the previous life and she dances to release anger, aggression and frustration. I made another shot list of the Dance scene. For this I had to use two dancers. female and male.. I added the male dancer at the end because I just want the audience to see how interesting dance is and how it helps people be themselves when dancing.

  • Finding the right location i.e open space
  • Music and sound
  • Weather conditions( sunny and bright)
  • Lighting making sure I got good lighting,only for scenes shot outside (Natural light)

Filming methods
First scene

  • Medium close up/ head and shoulder
  • Medium shots

Camera Angles

  • Eye view
  • high angle

Dance scene

  • Extra long shot
  • Long shot
  • medium long shot
  • medium shot/ head and shoulder

Camera Angles

  • low angle
  • High angle
  • eye level
Feedback on Delivery of the Film
What I have learnt about the process and Techniques
I have learnt a lot from this project from the beginning to the end. I have learnt to plan and use storyboards as a way of seeing how the final outcome will look like. I have also learnt how to create a shooting schedule i.e making shot lists and knowing what I need when it comes to Equipment and stock, Logistics, props and Timescale. Time keeping was the most important for me. delivering the tasks on time and knowledge of what to do next. I am more confident when using the camera and knowing its controls and functions and knowing the angles, shots and movement.
What I would do differently in the future
Next time when completing this project I hope to go out in open areas like bus stations, city center and parks rather than being indoors. I also hope to explore other camera angles and shots.
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