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vimeo video for Diane

I Removed the other scenes and cut the music Advertisements

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corrected video    on youtube    

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OUTCOME 3 Technology Technology has changed the way things ran in Fashion and textile industry. With the use of Technology it is now easier for designs to be completed ontime and it also means that more products are being made … Continue reading

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video film FINAL VIDEO

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Evaluation graded unit

After reading the brief I took into consideration the aspects that were required to be in the finished product/ artefact ,that will explore a range of human movement and expresssion. The final product has answered the given brief because it … Continue reading

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Film Evaluation

The project required me to create a a visual sequence which will consider the continuity of storytelling. I was required to create a logical flow which the auidience would follow i.e explore rhythm and pace, stillness, motion,awkward and elegant. In … Continue reading

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Stan Brakhage Film maker Essay

STAN BRAKHAGE                                   REPORT BY MIYANDA CHOBE James Stanley Brakage was a an important filmaker of the 20th century. His work is known to … Continue reading

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